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Ben Shear, PGA Tour Trainer, Golf Digest Fitness Advisor, Host of “Golfers Edge” (Surius/XM PGA Tour Radio)
“Redcord suspension has become one on my most valuable tools in creating stability on my Tour Players swings.”
Peter Toohey, MS, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine at the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)
“There will be a day, within  five years, when Redcord suspension will be all over the country. People  want a more holistic approach to health. With Redcord suspension,  you’re using your body to fix your body. The US Olympic Committee knew  when we first encountered this amazing functional training technique  that we wanted to incorporate it into our training and rehabilitation  programs. But we didn’t anticipate that Redcord suspension would change  the way we work with our athletes!”

Natalie Senese, MS, ATC, Princeton University Athletics
“Redcord suspension helps treat  patients effectively in a shorter amount of time and we see results much  quicker. This will help us spend more time taking care of more athletes  as we have over 40 sports that we manage. Plus, Redcord suspension can  apply to anyone, not just an athlete.”
Todd Herriott, Former Professional Cyclist, Owner of Metier Racing
“I’m always interested  in new ways to improve stability and ways my body can move. Redcord  suspension took it to a new, and surprisingly fun, level of intensity  and play.”
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